Scholarship Applications Available!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Scholarship applications are now available for the 20-21 academic year!

Scholarships help students reduce educational costs while increasing educational knowledge.

I will simply say that the trustees of colored schools and some of the most intelligent colored men of this place have said to me that they would have before asked for a bill abolishing the separate colored schools and putting all children on an equality in the common schools if they had thought they could obtain it. Hiram Rhodes Revels, 1871

Hiram Revels East has three different scholarships.

Educator Scholarship

Believe that all students, no matter their race, ethnicity, religion or circumstances? Then this scholarship just may be for you. Criteria: Education major. Senior in high school or Freshman in college. 3.0 gpa or higher. $1000 one time, one winner

Just Because Scholarship

The average student gets looked over for many awards, scholarships, and accolades. This scholarship is for you. The criteria for this scholarship is as follows: 2.5 gpa, senior in high school, have the want to improve their life through education. $500 one time, one winner

Spoken Word Scholarship

This is a unique scholarship for those who like to express themselves creatively. This scholarship is based on the rules of the spoken word found on the scholarship page and submitted via the secure link. Winners will receive a $1000 one time, one winner

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