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#Black lives matter

 Have the colored people done anything to justify the prejudice against them that does exist in the hearts of so many white persons and, generally, of one great political party in this country? Have they done anything to justify it? No, sir. - Hiram Rhodes Revels 1871

IIn light of recent incidents involving George Floyd and the occurrences after, Hiram Revels East, in accordance to the beliefs of my Great Ancestor, would like to show solidarity to those fighting against the injustices towards Blacks in America. But also, don't forget nor alienate our White Allies, for if it was not for them, the struggle would be harder.

In hopes of assisting those in need, 25% the proceeds from the "TIRED" t-shirts will go towards the Protesters Bail Fund.

Stay Strong my brothers and sisters.

Shari L. Revels

I find that the prejudice in this country to color is very great, and I sometimes fear that it is on the increase.

Hiram Rhodes Revels

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